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How to make guides, tips on MotionShot


Find answers for your billing related queries

Hub & Embed

Learn how to embed the guides on your webpages


Erase or re-apply the custom branding

Once the custom branding is set, it by default applies on the guides that are created later. Anyways, you can always erase or re-apply the custom branding as shown in the guide

Read mode for published guides

You viewers can go through the guide in a vertical, step-by-step manner along with watching the guide. Let's find out how to use it

Add custom subdomain to the Hub

You can add custom subdomain ( to the hub page. Let us learn how to link it. You will be adding a CNAME record to the domain DNS records

New Hub Section on MotionShot

Configure the hub page as per your branding and requirement. You can add categories of guides on the hub page that group the similar guides

ElevenLabs & MotionShot integration

Use your your preferred voices from ElevenLabs right into MotionShot guides!

How to use MotionShot Chrome Extension?

This guide demonstrates how to install and use the MotionShot Chrome Extension to capture the walkthrough from any Chrome tab.

How to translate a guide?

Let us learn how to translate a guide in other languages (both voice over & annotation) without leaving the platform!

How to make a guide on MotionShot

You can make informative guides or tutorials for your products under few minutes using MotionShot. This guide walks you through the process of making one!

How to redeem the license key

Learn how to activate the license key you received from other platforms for MotionShot

How to embed guides on your website

Want to give your customers or visitors a tutorial or guide to your product right from your website? Here is how you can do it with MotionShot