New Hub Section on MotionShot

Configure the hub page as per your branding and requirement. You can add categories of guides on the hub page that group the similar guides


Have revamped the Hub section and made it alot better and useful.

If you are new with hub, give a slug for your hub and hit Proceed.

Preview the hub page, Copy the link or hit Edit.

You have configuration on the left side.

And the Preview on the right.

Configure the Logo for your hub page.

Add a navigation CTA link which navigates to your web page

Configure the Hero section background, title, and text colors that match your branding.

Click Categories to create a group of guides related to a topic.

Click Add to make one

Give an icon, title and description for the Category.

Add as many categories as you want.

Click Guides to add the published guides to the category.

Select the desired guides.

Click Save to confirm the changes.

This is how the Categories look like on the hub page! Helps in easy navigation.

Users can also quickly search for the guides.

Click on the Category to view the guides under it.

It lists all the guides under the category

Click on the guide to go through it

More exciting features coming soon. Happy guide making on MotionShot.

You successfully completed the guide!