ElevenLabs & MotionShot integration

Use your your preferred voices from ElevenLabs right into MotionShot guides!


Now you can use your preferred voices or make use of voice cloning from ElevenLabs and use them on MotionShot seamlessly! Let's see how to set it up.

Go to Settings menu.

Enter the API Key that you got from ElevenLabs

And click Save to start using your favorite voices from ElevenLabs!

Go to ElevenLabs dashboard.

Go to VoiceLab section.

Click on the Add button.

You see multiple options to create your preferred voices. Either use the Voice Library from the community or Voice Cloning to clone your voice!

You can see the voices you add on EelvenLabs on MotionShot. Use them to make guides!

Happy guide making on MotionShot!

You successfully completed the guide!