How to use MotionShot Chrome Extension?

This guide demonstrates how to install and use the MotionShot Chrome Extension to capture the walkthrough from any Chrome tab.


Go to the MotionShot Chrome Extension page.

Click on Add to Chrome button to install it.

Click on Add extension to confirm the installation.

The extension is installed now and ready to use!

To make it easily accessible, click on the Pin icon to pin it to the toolbar.

Go to any web page or app to capture the walkthrough.

Click on the MotionShot icon to open the extension.

Click Start capture button to begin the capture process.

Now, use the web page or app as you regularly do and the extension captures the screen and clicks in background!

You can see the number of steps it captured to verify.

Any point of time, you can Discard the capture and start again.

Once you are done with the walk through, click Save to make the guide.

It will create a new guide on MotionShot and imports the screens and clicks.

Verify all the steps have been imported.

Edit the guide more as you like. Add annotations, highlights, voice overs and more.

Once done, either embed the guide on your webpage or download it in MP4, PDFs, or Images!

Happy guide making on MotionShot!

You successfully completed the guide!

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