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12 Feb, 2024

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Hello, welcome to MotionShot! I am Pramod maker of this app. A little back story about this application. I was making a video making tool SlickWid where you can quickly make videos for your social media. In the process of building, I came across this problem of creating animated videos from screenshot. I have been seeing a lot of people posting screenshots on X #buildinpublic community. Often, they come with a context in the tweet text itself. I thought why not the screenshot itself carry the information and tell the full story!

There it all started. I quickly worked on it and made the first version of the app and released it under SlickWid. People started loving it as soon as I released it. It really attracted the community of educational content creators where they require to explain a concept using screenshot. This app is a perfect fit for it.

It quickly grew in importance whit it was part of SlickWid and required it to be independent product. Today, I quickly packaged it as an independent product and released it. I am looking forward to help the community.

I will keep posting the product updates on X #buildinpublic and you can follow me @pramodk73

Thanks to Remotion team for making programmatic video creation easy. Interesting updates lined up and I am pretty excited about the journey. Cheers!

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