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Make guides & tutorials for your products, internal tools, SOPs, step-by-step processing and export them into MP4, GIF, PDF, or embed into your own webpage!

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Install the Chrome Extension to capture the screen and clicks automatically as you walk through any page on Chrome!


You can make your own step-by-step demos, guides, tutorials just like above!

Use cases

Help desk

A well made guides can bring down your support tickets, customer service enquiries and save you cost!


Employee onboarding involves knowledge transfer. Clear step-by-step resources make HRs job easier!

Content creation

MotionShot lets you create and host guides for your community.


Create guides for your SOPs and share with your team as PDFs, MP4s or links!

Product guides

Make walkthrough guide for your product and either attach it on your landing page or share it with your customers!

How to

Add screenshots

Create a new guide and upload the screenshots. You can even drag and drop all the screenshots at once!

Add screenshots
Add steps

Add the steps by just tapping on the screenshots. Give annotation details and customize the colors.

Add steps

Give the guide a title, description and CTA details. This information will be visible to your customers

Publish & Embed

Finally publish the guide. You get a link to share or include in your pages. You can as well embed it in your website!

Publish & Embed


What is a MotionShot walkthrough guide?
The guide is a composition of images that demonstrates a step-by-step process highlighting parts of the image at each step. You can add annotations, highlighted shapes, and voice-overs for each step. These guides can replace your lengthy documentation with short & pictorial form!
Should I install MotionShot on my computer?
MotionShot is a web application and you don't have to install anything on your computer. However, we are developing a Chrome plugin that helps you in capturing the screens with the clicks so that you don't have to take the screenshots manually!
How is it useful for me?
MotionShot lets you make informative screen guides and tutorials without much effort. If you are a company, your guides, and tutorials for internal tools for new employees, sales, and operations teams. If you are a SaaS, you can make tutorials for your software so that your customers make use of the application in a better way which leads to better conversion and lower churns. There are more use cases listed here
What is the format of the guides on MotionShot?
MotionShot lets you export the guides in multiple formats. You can export it as an MP4 video, as a GIF, as a PDF that lists all the steps as images, or even as a ZIP file that contains the images of all the steps so that you can repurpose them in your own content, emails, videos, etc.
What is included in the paid plan?
The free plan comes with a limit of a few guides to start with post which you will have to subscribe to a paid plan. There are no limits on the paid plan, you can make unlimited guides with all options enabled. For more info check out the pricing section.
How can I share the guides on MotionShot?
You can share the guides you make on MotionShot with a few clicks without leaving the platform using the Publish feature. Once you publish a guide it becomes accessible to anyone on the internet and you get a shareable link that you can share with your customers, and employees!
Can I embed the MotionShot guides on my webpage?
Yes! You can embed the guides on any webpage, WordPress, Webflow, or Framer sites with a few clicks. Once you publish a guide, you get an option to get the embed code (iFrame) which you can use to embed anywhere where iFrame is supported! Here is an example.
What is a MotionShot Hub?
Hub is a publicly accessible collection of guides. This is available on the paid plan. You can choose your own handle and all your published guides will be accessible from<handle>. This can be treated as a help desk for your customers or for your employees! Here is an example.



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