MotionShot life time deal just at $59

Grab the deal of life time with all the options just at $59 flat!

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16 Mar, 2024

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It's been little over two months since I started building MotionShot. It's been amazing journey so far and found diversed customers to start with. I always wanted to let MotionShot help companies in making their product demos, internal tool tutorials, new joinee guides, and help creators in making explanation videos, educational content.

In the process of making the product accessible to bigger masses and on the request from any early adopted users, I introduced a life time deal at just $49 with 20 slots and they got sold out pretty quickly. I understood that people prefer making one time commitment if they see value. So, I wanted to continue the Life time deal still with an reviced price of $59 flat!

Grab the opportunity before any changes to the deal and enjoy all the functionalities such as unlimited guides, voice over for the annotations, PDF export and more! You can make the deal your here. Happy guide making!

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