How to make a guide on MotionShot

You can make informative guides or tutorials for your products under few minutes using MotionShot. This guide walks you through the process of making one!

Click New walkthrough to create a new empty guide

This is the editor where you will be creating the guide!

Click here to add screenshots

You can see all your screenshots here!

Configure the Padding, Rounded, and Outline here

Set a background color for your guide

Go to Edit to add steps on your screenshots

Pick the pointer type here

Click on the canvas to add a step

You can see the steps added with the step number!

Add an annotation to the step

Configure the Duration & Zoom levels

You can add a voice over as well!

Pick the rectangle tool to add highlighted rectangle!

Drag the area you want to highlight. Add as many steps as you want!

Add more screenshots for the guide

Set a background music for the guide

Download the video to your computer

You can download it as MP4, GIF, PDF, or Images! They serve all of your purposes

Or you can publish it and get a shareable link without leaving the platform!

Give the guide details that will be visible on the shared guide page

Hit Publish to get the shareable link!

Copy the link and share it across your community

Or you can embed the guide right on your webpage!

This is how the public guide looks like for your customers

It lists down all the steps. Your customers can click and navigate to the corresponding step!

It shows the Title and Description that you give while publishing it

You can add a CTA to the guide so that your customer perform the action immediately!

😍 Happy guide making!

You successfully completed the guide!